Site Drainage

A piece of land that looks gorgeous to the buyer’s eye may look like trouble to an experienced builder. Issues such as soil type, the presence of ledge, high water tables, and poor drainage are just some of the issues that can complicate construction and drive up costs.

Some issues, such as the slope of the site are obvious. If the site drops about six feet over the width of the house, you will need a deeper foundation on the low side (or a stepped-down foundation).  Soil types are less obvious, but certain types of problem soils can make a site challenging and expensive to build on.

Water is often the most difficult site issue to understand and predict. Surface water, including runoff from rain, can cause erosion and flooded area’s not properly managed. Subsurface water can interfere with septic systems , often in the spring or rainy season when the water table is highest. Both issues can be dealt with using proper grading and drainage techniques. However, managing subsurface water with curtain drains, extensive subsurface drainage, and – if all else fails – sump pumps may be a good reason to walk away and look elsewhere to build. FinishLine Site Development company can take care of all of these types of issues for you with our Site Drainage Service.